Saturday, August 7, 2010

We have a seriously creative approach to art.
We want our programs to be a good fit for your children so they can
 have fun,
make great art.

Snow Apple Studios' programs are for children and adults who:
    •    love art
    •    are inventive, creative and resourceful
    •    want to attend and participate

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality art experience for all students and offer a very focused, productive learning environment. Please consider whether your child will be suited to our program.

To succeed in and enjoy our classes, our students have the following characteristics:

    •    Independent

    •    Friendly and well-adjusted

    •    Good listener

    •    Good comprehension

    •    Well-developed fine motor skills or a disability that can be reasonably accommodated

    •    Long attention span relative to their peer group

    •    High level of emotional functioning