Sunday, August 8, 2010

Exciting Learning:

Classes vary by season and include an array of art experiences such as: drawing, painting, clay, wood sculpture, paper mache, batik, fabric arts, and bookbinding. All supplies are included in the class fee.    Once our week-group convenes then we will  decide based upon individual interests what the focus will be for that week.

What Art Classes Tend To Do:

Expand your child's imagination by engaging them in fun and productive classes with Mickey Smeele and various guest teachers of Snow Apple Studios.

Students improve their abilities to plan, make decisions and think resourcefully through guided instruction.
Also, actively practicing patience and follow through. Students gain experience that will assist their regular academic endeavors and help tremendously with those challenging academic subjects.
Creativity improves problem solving abilities,  spatial thinking and math.
But shhh about those parts!  

Home Schooling?
 We heartily approve! Regular or one-time sessions can be arranged for your home-school group.
With a bit collaboration let's tailor projects
to your needs or even
design a curriculum within your students' interests and abilities. 

    A small fee will apply for "tailoring".
terrafemina at gmail dot com

Private Art Lessons:

Regular or one-time sessions can be arranged for individuals or for your small group.
Also, hourly uninstructed studio rental is available.


Come learn about 3-D building, slab construction, glazing and painting in this class devoted strictly to clay. Students create both useful and whimsical artwork. All materials are non-toxic. The session is 5 weeks with one class per week.
Ages 6 and up accepted.

Drawing and Painting:         
Students use point and line, pencil, or charcoal to portray still life scenes. We'll often do field studies outside in the beautiful surrounding Waterfalls and Woods. Paints include acrylic and watercolor.                               
The session is 5 weeks with one class per week. Ages 6 and up.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

We have a seriously creative approach to art.
We want our programs to be a good fit for your children so they can
 have fun,
make great art.

Snow Apple Studios' programs are for children and adults who:
    •    love art
    •    are inventive, creative and resourceful
    •    want to attend and participate

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality art experience for all students and offer a very focused, productive learning environment. Please consider whether your child will be suited to our program.

To succeed in and enjoy our classes, our students have the following characteristics:

    •    Independent

    •    Friendly and well-adjusted

    •    Good listener

    •    Good comprehension

    •    Well-developed fine motor skills or a disability that can be reasonably accommodated

    •    Long attention span relative to their peer group

    •    High level of emotional functioning